Oven Roasted Tomato, basil, housemate boursin, balsamic   $7

Salmon, dill, caper, goat cheese                                                   $9



Spinach basil pesto, goat cheese, fig reduction, tomato          $10

Buffalo Chicken, jack, diced celery, onion, blue cheese           $11


Spiced and Candied Nuts                               $3

Curried Deviled Eggs                                      $4

Pretzel Bites w/Cheese Sauce                        $8

Puff pastry bacon jalepeno poppers             $9

Cheese Plate                                                     $14

Charcuterie Plate                                            $18


Quesadilla, cheese, tomato, onion (add chicken +2)   $8

Stuffed Portobello, house boursin, balsamic                $9

Seared Scallops, mushrooms, cashews, lemon aioli    $16

The Velveteen Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Basil Soup  $9

Fried rice, egg, tamarin, bean sprout, cabbage             $9

Pork Belly slider, asian slaw, steam bun                         $10

Brisket Street Tacos                                                            $11                                             

Filet Steak Bites 8oz., latin butter, onion, pepper        $20


smaller cream chev.png


Flour-less Chocolate Truffle Cake                        $7

New York Cheesecake                                             $7

Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Gluten Free)         $7

**GF (Gluten-Friendly) Please let your server know as some dishes can be modified to meet GF needs.

**V (Vegetarian) We are happy to modify any of our dishes to make them Vegetarian

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